zeebu 6tJY9N Zeebu: Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry With Blockchain

Zeebu: Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry With Blockchain

Today’s world is more connected than ever before and as such, communication infrastructure has become the lifeblood of the global economy. No matter if you are a small business owner, a multinational corporation, or an individual, your life wouldn’t be the same without the ability to communicate instantaneously across the globe.

For this seamless flow of information and data to be possible, the world depends on many critical components, with telecom carriers playing a pivotal role. These unsung heroes of the digital age play a vital role in enabling the transmission of information, data, and voice across vast distances.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the complexities involved in ensuring reliable and efficient communication networks. Telecom carriers invest significant resources in building and maintaining the infrastructure required to support global connectivity. Fortunately for everyone, Zeebu is looking to revolutionize the global telecom carrier landscape forever.

Bringing the Telecom Industry to the 21st Century

The idea that the telecom industry is essential for modern society is something that most people are aware of. Anyone who has suffered from bad reception or service outage can attest to this fact, after all. Unfortunately, despite this importance, the industry has long grappled with various challenges that threaten its efficiency and profitability.

Plagued by inefficiencies, outdated business models, and trust issues, the telecom industry has to deal with higher costs, remittance delays, revenue leakages, and disputes that end up affecting the end user. This problem is further exacerbated by the increasing regularity of security threats like fraud and cyber-attacks, which have skyrocketed over the past years.

These challenges have created an urgent need for a solution that can revolutionize operations by telecom carriers, especially when the demand for fast, reliable, and secure communication services continues to grow exponentially. Enter Zeebu, the world’s first B2B loyalty utility token designed specifically for the telecom carrier industry.

Zeebu aims to address the pain points of the telecom industry by leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized and transparent marketplace specifically designed with its needs in mind. This would allow players in the telecom industry to bring their infrastructure and business models to the 21st century, laying the foundations for a telecom revolution powered by web3.

Zeebu: Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry With Blockchain

By introducing a secure and trustless marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange voice traffic directly, Zeebu seeks to eliminate the inefficiencies that plague the telecom industry. The project seeks to do this by using blockchain, tokens, and smart contracts to power secure and instant transactions at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to the more efficient settlement of transactions, the telecom industry will also benefit from earning rewards with every transaction they perform. This is possible due to the removal of intermediaries, which results in a more active ecosystem in which both buyers and sellers have real incentives to participate.

The Zeebu ecosystem is powered by the ZBU utility token. Built on the Ethereum network, the token facilitates cross-border settlements by making them more efficient, cost-effective, transparent, secure, and frictionless. The token is also used to reward businesses operating in the Zeebu ecosystem, further increasing the economic benefits the ecosystem brings to the table.

The Zeebu Toolbox

The Zeebu token wouldn’t be able to do much by itself, which is why Zeebu provides a range of features catering to the specific needs of the telecom industry. These features are all easily accessible through a platform designed to be as user-friendly as possible despite it being built on blockchain technology, imitating the web2 look with which every internet user is already familiar.

The Zeebu ecosystem offers a built-in wallet that allows users to deposit, withdraw, store, and transact with their funds. Unlike many web3 wallets, the Zeebu wallet offers native support for multiple fiat currencies in addition to ZBU.

Merchants operating on the Zeebu platform can also generate invoices in a matter of seconds by providing pretty basic information. This includes the customer email, delivery method, invoice number, items/price/quantity, and the order total. The invoice is immediately sent to the customer, who can then review it and pay instantly using their favorite cold or hot wallet.

To ensure that all users can easily keep track of all of their transactions, Zeebu also offers a powerful reporting interface. Users can generate comprehensive reports that provide many different KPIs, as well as detailed information on every transaction they have settled through the Zeebu ecosystem.

Finally, Zeebu also offers a swap trading tool that allows users to easily trade cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat for ZBU with just some clicks. This makes it easy for merchants and buyers in the telecom industry to operate in the Zeebu ecosystem using their favorite currency and without leaving the platform.

The Technology Behind Zeebu

To offer a truly innovative solution to the challenges faced by the telecom industry, Zeebu has created an ecosystem built upon four technology layers: UI/UX, PSP, Blockchain, and Backend. Each of these layers serves a different purpose, ensuring a holistic approach to the security, efficiency, and stability of the platform.

The UI/UX layer provides a user-friendly interface for customers and merchants to interact with the whole ecosystem. Built by using React and Javascript, two of the most well-known and stable programming languages, this layer delivers an intuitive and efficient experience that few blockchain projects can match.

The PSP layer (Payment Service Provider) handles payment processing and invoice settlement. This layer ensures compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, bringing confidence and security to all users in addition to facilitating partnerships with payment processors.


The blockchain layer plays a crucial role in Zeebu’s ecosystem. Built on the Ethereum mainnet and the Binance Smart Chain, this layer brings the best of two of the most important networks to ensure instant on-chain settlement, along with unparalleled transparency and security.

Finally, the back-end layer takes care of administrative tasks like database operations, single sign-on, and task automation, which are the processes needed for Zeebu to achieve the levels of accessibility it offers. By combining decentralized and centralized infrastructure, this layer ensures that the overall performance of the platform is unparalleled.

More Than A Platform: An Ecosystem

As a marketplace looking to offer players in the telecom industry the chance to operate more effectively, Zeebu requires much more than just great technology and an efficient economic model. For this reason, the Zeebu team has paid special attention to forming partnerships and onboarding users from the early stages.

Zeebu has already onboarded major players in the industry, including carriers like BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom, BridgeVoice, and Novatel. With many others being evaluated after joining the official waitlist, Zeebu is ready to leverage the expertise and networks of established carriers, fostering a collaborative environment for more effective operations.

On the security front, Zeebu has worked closely with Certik to evaluate the security of the platform and the ZBU token through an independent audit. This audit only found 3 elements of concern, which were deemed by the firm to be minor (2) and informational (1). These were quickly resolved by the Zeebu team.

These partnerships are further enhanced by the team of experts behind the Zeebu ecosystem, which includes Co-Founders Raj Brahmbhatt (CEO), Keshav Pandya (COO), and Dr. Raghavendar Hunasgi (CMO), as well as advisors like Rama Iyer and Hosam Akkad.

The Zeebut team has scheduled the global launch of the product to take place in the third quarter of 2023, an announcement that has already generated significant buzz in the telecom industry. With the project having seemingly covered all of its bases, this is certainly an ecosystem that warrants close attention.

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