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Waifu Transforms into Hinata to Launch Vibrant Anime NFT Marketplace in Booming NFT Market

It’s been a hallmark year for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Every passing month seems to smash another record, and the hype isn’t slowing down. It seems like the $69 million Christie’s auction of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” in March sent a shockwave through the world whose butterfly effect has reverberated into $10.7 billion worth of NFTs bought and sold during Q3 2021.

NFTs are taking the world by storm, and they seem like a perfect match for another blockbuster trend that began trending across the planet decades ago: anime. Anime has developed a massive global following and has also spawned a gigantic demand for collectibles that revolve around popular animated characters from manga (graphic novels), video games, TV shows, and movies.

Estimates from 2020 predicted the anime market will be clocking in at over $25 billion in revenue for 2021 and over $48 billion by 2028. However, when the rising demand for anime collectibles is combined with the blockbuster demand for NFTs, these lowball predictions could be obliterated by actual sales for years to come.

Hinata Launches a Vibrant Anime Marketplace for NFTs

Hinata ($HiNATA) is introducing a platform where anime digital art and physical collectibles can thrive on the blockchain through NFTs. In short, Hinata is building a blockchain-based community for anime otaku (superfans) and NFT enthusiasts alike.

The platform has onboarded talented artists including illustrators, animators, and modelers who will create original content that will elevate Hinata’s anime NFT ecosystem to the next level. In addition to exclusive anime content, Hinata will also host a secondary market so that premium collections including Art Blocks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and others will also be available to buy and sell.

Future partnerships with major intellectual property (IP) holders will allow Hinata to release officially licensed anime NFTs for a fanbase hungry for genuine collectibles featuring their favorite anime characters. On that note, Hinata is letting anime otaku bring their favorite NFTs home as collectible cards, posters, and more by allowing users to use their $HiNATA, $ETH, or $USDC to order physical collectibles delivered to their doorstep.

How WAIFU Enhances Hinata’s Anime NFT Experience

The Hinata vision was actually born from two key figures involved in Waifu token ($WAIF), one of the most popular community fair launch NFT projects in 2020. The Core contributors saw a glaring need for a niche NFT marketplace that provided more than just listings. Hinata is meant to be a platform by the community, for the community, and owned by the community. In fact, 10% of the Hinata ($$HiNATA) token supply is being made available to $WAIF token holders who participate in the migration process to WAIFv2.

Hinata will operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that uses marketplace fees for buying back $HiNATA tokens with the rest going towards operations and maintenance. Running as a DAO means Hinata’s users will have control over how the platform operates in the future, making Hinata a hub for those serious about guiding the direction of the anime NFT community as it grows.

Users can stake $HiNATA to earn the non-transferrable governance token WAIFU ($WAIF) that can be used for creating improvement proposals and snapshot voting along with the added bonus of sharing in the rewards of being a long-term Hinata DAO member.

WAIFU’s utility doesn’t end there. Users can also leverage their WAIFU holdings to claim exclusive NFTs and gain access to features and services limited to holders of Hinata’s governance token.

Hinata Lets Users Mint and Trade NFTs with Subsidized Gas Fees

The constant demand for NFTs has driven Ethereum gas fees through the roof. Consequently, Hinata has developed a primary market for anime NFT drops that helps fans seeking anime NFTs reduce the headaches stemming from paying Ethereum’s gas.

Hinata utilizes limited quantities and time claims, gamified reservation queue claims, and a raffle system to enhance user experience and reduce the effects of users competing with bots and rising costs that come standard with today’s booming NFT market. In addition to these features, Hinata will subsidize gas fees on Ethereum’s mainnet by implementing Gas Station Network (GSN) solutions.

Sunny Days Forecasted for This Anime Focused NFT Market

Hinata is not only helping to bring anime to the NFT space, they’re bringing NFTs to users’ homes by allowing them to order physical memorabilia based on the NFTs they own. Further expanding its reach, Hinata is venturing into the metaverse by hosting regular events in Decentraland and Sandbox to expand its community.

On top of all these services ready to launch, Hinata is lining up tons of features that will make its anime NFT platform the go-to space for digital collectibles. Some of these features include upcoming commissions boards linking up artists and potential clients, a generative NFT launchpad, and an artist subscription service where users can aim their LP rewards towards their favorite artists in return for exclusive content.

NFTs are certainly having a day (or year) in the sun in 2021. Hinata, which means “sunny place” in English, is shining a light on anime NFTs by creating a user-focused marketplace for original and licensed content that would delight the most hardcore of otaku.

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