US prosecutors want Changpeng Zhao to surrender all passports

US prosecutors seek court orders compelling former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to surrender his passports.
The government wants Zhao’s bond conditions to ensure he doesn’t travel out of the US ahead of his sentencing.
Zhao pleaded guilty to breaking the federal anti-money laundering law.

US prosecutors have filed a motion requesting that former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao be asked to surrender his travel documents ahead of his sentencing in April this year.

The US Attorney’s Office, in a filing at the District Court for the Western District of Washington, requested Magistrate Judge Brian Tsuchida to approve additional travel restrictions against Zhao.

US Attorney’s Office eyes travel restrictions for Zhao

As noted in the court document filed on February 23 by US Attorney Tessa Gorman, the government wants Zhao’s bail conditions specified.

The former Binance chief stepped down in 2023 as US authorities announced a $4.3 billion settlement with the exchange. His exit also happened after he (Zhao), pleaded guilty to charges related to money laundering at the exchange.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 30 and prosecutors want the former Binance CEO to remain in the United States till then. They also want him to notify the prosecution ahead of any travel plans, with the request being that he give a three-day notice to allow prosecutors raise objections.

With this, the US Attorney’s Office has asked that Zhao surrender his Canadian passport as well any other travel documents, including expired passports. Zhao’s request for court permission to travel to the UAE – where he holds citizenship – was denied in December.

Judge Richard Jones ordered that Zhao stay in the US ahead of his sentencing, citing the ex-Binance CEO’s massive wealth and lack of US ties as factors that could see him flee to the UAE.

Zhao, however, remains free on the $175 bond set in November last year.

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