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UFO Gaming unveils revolutionary, long-awaited metaverse

Trendsetting blockchain gaming platform UFO Gaming unveiled its long-awaited, revolutionary metaverse with thousands in attendance.

An early adopter 

Most companies started developing metaverses after Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. UFO Gaming, however, announced plans to build one long before that. 

In-game assets, NFTs, and more

UFO Gaming has succeeded in establishing a unique multichain metaverse with perks like virtual land, in-game assets, monetary value, and other concrete advantages for gamers. They also have access to NFTs in the form of in-game items. 

Holders of $UFO, the platform’s native token, can avail themselves of a variety of perks, including community involvement and dividends.

Fun activities for everyone during the launch 

UFO Gaming had organized an Easter Egg Hunt, Streamer Takeover, Team AMA, and Staking dApp Launch during the launch of their brand-new metaverse, enabling the community to play and win prizes.

Combining VR and blockchain 

UFO Gaming uses the blockchain’s capacity combined with VR technology to increase the value of the $UFO token as well as make uniquely immersive gameplay a fact. 

Metaverse market expected to top $50b in 4 years 

The rise of crypto assets’ popularity and the growing adoption of blockchain technology are both expected to drive the metaverse market in the near future. 

A recent study by McKinsey&Co showed this market would pass $50 billion in 2026. This means that UFO Gaming’s decision to hold their gaming platform within their metaverse was a smart move.

The rise of the metaverse

McKinsey’s survey of over 3,400 executives and users showed most believed the metaverse’s significance would continue to grow in the years to come.

It’s clear that the metaverse can potentially transform people’s lives, work, and free time activities even though adoption is still in its infancy.

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