a 63 460x305 These Top 5 Cryptos Open The Week With Big Losses – Will They Drop Lower?

These Top 5 Cryptos Open The Week With Big Losses – Will They Drop Lower?

After weeks of gains, the crypto market finally succumbed to the bears. According to CoinMarketCap, the total market cap of cryptos is at $1.12 trillion, a measly 0.22% increase from yesterday. Since the start of the week, the metric has gone down by 9%. 

This was largely caused by economic woes that plagued US equity markets. With stocks also experiencing meager gains, these cryptocurrencies are to be avoided, if you are an investor, as they bled the hardest as major cryptos dropped in value. 

As the markets continue to bleed, will these cryptos drop even lower?

Top 5 Cryptos Usher In The Week With Losses


As Ethereum experiences the biggest drop compared to its Bitcoin peer, Conflux followed the top altcoin in the market closely. According to CoinGecko, the token is down 23% since the past week, signaling to investors CFX’s losing week. 

Investors should be cautious of a bearish breakthrough on $0.2847 as it could bring the token back $0.1471. However, the bearish scenario might turn into a reality as CoinGlass data points to a robust bearish presence in the market. 


As of writing, ARB is down nearly 21% in the same timeframe. Investors on the token are closely following the sentiment around Bitcoin and Ethereum, and with the two biggest cryptos experiencing pain, ARB is experiencing a magnified bearish sentiment. 

Investors and traders on ARB should be cautious about putting more money on the token. At press time, ARB’s current trajectory puts it on the path back toward $1.1930. If this comes to fruition, ARB bulls are left to defend this crucial support. 


Even with development strongly favoring Aptos continues, the token is not fairing well amid a bearish takeover. According to CoinGecko, APT itself is down nearly 20% in the weekly timeframe. 

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Currently, the bears have $7.5088 support on their crosshairs. If APT continues its bearish price movement, a breakthrough on this support level might see the token drive even lower. CoinGlass data reveals, however, that this may be a reality for APT investors as short sellers outnumber long buyers significantly. 

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With Helium’s migration being completed in the background, SOL is following the general market freefall. Recent market data shows that the token has been down nearly 16% since last week. The token is currently correlated with ETH, which means the two cryptos follow each other very closely. 

At the moment, the token has stabilized below $21.60. If the bulls keep this strong defense up, we may see a rebound back to $23.29 in the coming days. If ETH doesn’t recover by then, we may see the token back at $20.20. 


Despite Fantoon making the leap for Fantom on AI, FTM still faced significant market headwinds. According to CoinGecko, the token is down nearly 21% since last week. It followed the general market freefall that pulled the entire crypto market downward. 

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FTM might oscillate up and below the $0.4260 support in the short to medium term depending on the general market sentiment. Thus, this dependency on the general outlook of the crypto market could bring further pain. If the token’s price doesn’t stabilize on this support level, we might see a return to $0.3717. 

(This article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and speculative assets, and their values can fluctuate widely and rapidly)

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