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The Pokémon Company Might Be Preparing to Make Moves in the Metaverse

The Pokemon Company, a corporation in charge of the development of the Pokemon brand, might be preparing to make some moves regarding the franchise and the metaverse. The company has opened a job opportunity that includes experience and knowledge of fields like blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse as a requirement, including connections with investors in these areas.

The Pokemon Franchise Might Be Coming to the Metaverse

The Pokemon franchise might be taking its brand to the metaverse. Fans of the franchise believe that the opening of a new job position involving metaverse and Web3 knowledge could hint at the company moving in this direction. The company is not directly responsible for developing Pokemon games, and is more involved in the development of the brand and the distribution of its products.

The company is currently seeking a “Corporate Development Principal,” that will be responsible for the construction of strategies and partnerships to grow the Pokemon Company, bringing new ideas and developments for the brand. However, the role also includes two requirements that hint at an approach of the company to the metaverse.

These requirements include having “deep knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse,” and being “deeply connected to a network of investors and entrepreneurs” in these industries.

Nintendo Fans Worried

This job opening has fans fearing that Nintendo might be planning to release a series of NFTs or to prepare a metaverse based on the franchise. Twitter user Rogue reacted negatively, rejecting the possible development, posting:

I think a lot of people boutta drop interest in pokemon. This, to me, as a 10-year player, scares me.

Although other companies like Niantic have already developed virtual reality-enhanced Pokemon games like Pokemon Go, Nintendo has been apprehensive when it comes to dealing with NFTs and the metaverse. In February 2022, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that while the metaverse had great potential, the company would have to be able to offer new and fresh experiences to experiment with it. Furukawa explained:

We might consider something if we can find a way to convey a ‘Nintendo approach’ to the metaverse that many people can readily understand.

This differentiates Nintendo from other game developers that have already included NFTs, Web3, and metaverse experiences as part of their business plans, like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and even Sega.

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