tau agoras LU6fCy Tau-Chain Founder Ohad Asor and Prof. Franconi Explain Logical AI and How to Trade Knowledge

Tau-Chain Founder Ohad Asor and Prof. Franconi Explain Logical AI and How to Trade Knowledge

Tau, in development, is the world’s first fully user-controlled blockchain, capable of understanding and implementing users’ consensus in real-time. It allows you to understand and be understood by billions of people, on a platform so advanced that it changes and updates itself based on how you as its users collaboratively decide what its next version should be like.

Ohad Asor and Prof. Enrico Franconi recently joined the Bitcoin.com News Podcast to explain the advanced technology behind Tau:

By writing in languages that the Tau platform and its users can understand, it unlocks truly revolutionary features such as the ability to make your knowledge machine accessible, creating the world’s first knowledge economy to trade specific pieces of knowledge for cash (using the Agoras cryptocurrency (Ticker AGRS)) as well as the ability to host efficient discussions and collaboration of ideas of up to billions of people. As users are able to make themselves understood to Tau, the network then can process everyone’s opinions, generate the opinion map from it and automatically upgrade itself seamlessly according to the overall users’ consensus, all without the need to ever hardfork again.

Ohad has been a Software Developer and Mathematician at top tech companies in Israel since 1995. He was the youngest university student in Israel, studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the age of 13. Over the years he has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in programming and various areas of math, with recent focus on logic, machine learning, complexity theory, philosophy of science, economics, social choice, and decentralized networks. He designed and implements Tau and Agoras. As the founder, he is currently leading the development of the project.

Being a professor in knowledge representation databases, Prof. Franconi’s research focus lies in the application of database, artificial intelligence, and semantic technologies to concrete problems in information systems design and maintenance, in data integration, intelligent access, analysis and restructuring of big data. Prof. Franconi is the creator of various theories and tools for ontology modelling, reasoning and querying. He is the founder and director of the KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data and provides research advise to Tau’s technical developments.

To learn more about the project visit the website www.idni.org.

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