SUI and Bittensor remain stable as market bleeds; Milei Moneda emerges to save investors’ portfolios with potential gains


SUI shows resilience and maintains optimism amidst market fluctuations. 
Bittensor (TAO) surges 140% in 30 days, promising continued growth in a volatile market.
Milei Moneda ($MEDA) shows early profits, with a presale offering the potential of a 100% ROI.

Amidst the market’s downward spiral, stability shines through, with SUI and Bittensor (TAO) holding their ground. Adding to the optimistic move is the emergence of Milei Moneda ($MEDA), a new token that some analysts are predicting could have huge profit potential.

Let’s dive into the details of these trends to discover the future outlook of these coins. 

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SUI holds strong against market fluctuations, eyes bullish future

Amidst the crypto market’s rollercoaster ride, SUI has proven its resilience despite the market’s recent peak of $1.71 trillion, and drop to $1.54 trillion. This altcoin has been able to maintain an optimistic trading level thanks to several developments on its network. One such development is Ambrus Studio’s launch of games on SUI.

SUI has garnered significant traction due to its ability to hold steady in the face of market volatility. With the Ambrus Studio partnership paving the way for new opportunities, price projections show that SUI could see significant price gains in the coming weeks. 

Bittensor soars 140% in 30 days, becoming a top AI crypto

Amidst the tumultuous crypto market where major altcoins are bleeding out, Bittensor (TAO) stands out as a beacon of stability. The AI blockchain sector, now nearing a monumental $10 billion market cap, has witnessed Bittensor’s (TAO) remarkable surge of 140% over the past 30 days. This surge has propelled its native token, TAO, to surpass $4 billion in market cap, reaching a new ATH before making a slight price drop. 

Bittensor’s resilience amidst market fluctuations has pushed TAO to become one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the AI sector. This has investors and crypto experts closely watching the altcoin price movement, with many predicting that Bittensor (TAO) has the potential for continued growth.

Crypto news: Milei Moneda’s $MEDA presale soars

Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is one of the tokens that have held a bullish front amidst the volatile crypto market. Embracing the rallying cry of economic freedom, Milei Moneda ($MEDA) has emerged as a true meme coin inspired by none other than Javier Milei, the president of Argentina and a newfound crypto advocate. 

$MEDA, the native token of Milei Moneda, has been showing signs of significant profits since its public presale debut.

Currently, in Stage 1 of the presale, the DeFi coin is priced at $0.010. This value will increase through the presale to reach $0.020 the final stage before $MEDA launches on Uniswap. The launch date is set for May 21, and Milei Moneda’s ($MEDA) presale participants could witness a 100% ROI – and that’s not all. 

$MEDA is a deflationary token designed to increase in scarcity and value over time. Due to this, market analysts are optimistic that the token’s price will see a continuous bullish trend post-launch. This means that $MEDA’s investors might be in for a lot of profits in the coming months. 

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