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Solana devs target April 15 to fix failed transactions bug

Solana developers target TX bug fix, with a patch expected on April 15.
Helius Labs CEO says issues are a result of “an implementation bug, not design flaw.”

Solana developers are reportedly targeting April 15 as the date to implement a fix on transaction issues that recently plagued the blockchain network.

This comes after Solana’s explosive meme coins ecosystem came with a remarkable surge in activity. A pike for the likes of dogwifhat helped push SOL price higher. But the increased volume also came with a surge in volume that impacted network performance.

It’s an implementation bug, not design flaw

Commenting on the recent issues, Mert Mumtaz, CEO of Helius Labs, noted in a post on X that these are more about an “implementation bug” that a “design flaw.”

It is important to make this distinction because implementation errors are usually trivial (they can be swapped out for other implementations) — but design errors are generally serious and more fundamental,” the Helius Labs CEO pointed out on X.

According to Mumtaz, the expected date for the patch is April 15. However, if other issues arise, the fix could be delayed, he added.

Solana is a top blockchain platform in the burgeoning DeFi and NFT ecosystem, with network efficiency and low transaction fees key features.

However, it has faced multiple network issues, including outages. Recently, the network saw a reported 75% rate of failed transactions.

While that ratio has significantly reduced to around 58%, Solana developers are looking for a fix.

Solana is using a networking protocol called QUIC. An implementation of that protocol has certain deficiencies and bugs right now,” the developer noted.

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