polkadog 460x259 Ndf08Q Polkadog Returns to the Market – And He’s Brought 10,000 Smart Friends Along With Him…

Polkadog Returns to the Market – And He’s Brought 10,000 Smart Friends Along With Him…

Einstein – also known as the Smart Dogs Society – is a new project launched recently by cryptologists, Polkadog, their latest canine-themed venture allowing investors to earn and win big with its ‘back from the future’ innovative NFT lottery. And, as always with this bunch of barkers, there’s plenty more to Einstein than first meets the eye.

What can you expect with this latest crypto project from Polkadog?

It’s difficult not to have noticed the sharp rise in popularity of NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – digital assets that live and trade in the crypto sphere. Einstein offers a complete ecosystem made up of five individual smart contracts incorporating a token, staking, yield farming, lottery and exclusive NFT collection. For 200 days, investors can win one of 50 unique NFT collectibles every day using points awarded for staking or farming their $Einsteins, with more activity (higher values over a longer period) generating more points and upping their chances of a win.

It’s an exclusive opportunity the team calls an ‘invest, win and earn’ loop. Buying $Einsteins, and then putting those tokens to work ensures its supporters a two-pronged approach to an income, winning NFTs (themselves, a potential earner on the open market) while earning a minimum of 20% or 60% respectively for staking and farming. Plus, holding NFTs gives their winner more earning potential, unlocking entry to secret lotteries and token airdrop rewards. Why is it a loop? By reinvesting additional $Einsteins awarded, community members give themselves an even greater winning potential from the daily lottery. And so on.

What else is unique to project Einstein? Its NFT collectibles – 10,000 in total – each one an individually-designed fictional canine character belonging to one of four breeds: Urban, Aqua, Cosmic and Roamer. Within each breed, you’ll find different collectible levels from ‘Puppy Dog’ (level 1) to ‘Top Dog’ (level 5), with the latter being more scarce and the favorites everyone will be keen to win. You can take a sneaky peek here at the four NFT breeds available to collect.

The lottery is due to launch in November, kicking off with an airdrop competition to give the community a head start on collecting points for free – in exchange for spreading the word about Einstein on their social media platforms, which is fair. For those amongst us keen to get going collecting lottery points today, the Einstein token is available to purchase on PancakeSwap with staking and farming both open for business. So, no need to wait for the official launch if you prefer.


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