Netflix flips VFX play with AI-powered green screen

AltSignals’ presale has raced to 50% sold out in stage 2 already.
The ActualizeAI layer will tap into Artificial Intelligence to boost accuracy of trading signals.
Meanwhile, Netflix is seeing the use of AI in green screen technology as a game-changer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application across various industries and sectors continues to gather speed even as regulators push for rules to streamline growth.

Google, Microsoft and Meta lead the AI gold rush, but other companies like Nvidia and Netflix are quietly tapping into the technology to revolutionise their own industries. TechCrunch reports that in Netflix’s case, the new AI-enabled technology could be a game-changer for VFX artists.

In the crypto space, one AI-powered application that could potentially disrupt the trading industry is AltSignals. The project is edging closer to the launch of its own AI-powered layer, and is currently seeing huge interest with its token sale already 50% sold out.

Netflix reveals AI-powered green screen

The film and television industry have seen a fair share of revolutionary features from streaming giant Netflix. The company just added to that list with the debut of its Magenta Green Screen (MGS) – an application powered by artificial intelligence to change the visual effects space.

Researchers at the company say MGS makes VFX more realistic compared to legacy green screens. This is because an algorithm refined via machine learning gives colours near ground truth than models using simple algorithms.

Among the game-changing capabilities this new technology brings to the film and television industry is the ability for VFX artists to work with intricate details that have been extremely challenging. Observers say the use of generative AI provides for a major flip in filming, and Netflix is betting big on the possibilities that MGS could offer.

It’s such capabilities that have so excited the trading community when it comes to AltSignals. And if big companies like Netflix see the future in AI-powered systems, investing in the AltSignals presale could offer an opportunity investors might want to take. Here’s a bit more about this project.

What’s AltSignals?

AltSignals is an online trading platform that offers access to trading signals for its user community. The signals cover most markets, including cryptocurrency, stocks, forex and CFDs and are currently powered by a proprietary algorithm called AltAlgo.

Traders leverage signals offered by the trading tool to enter or exit trades, with an average success rate of around 64%.

An improvement on this score has seen the AltSignals team look to artificial intelligence. The project is developing an AI-powered layer that will leverage machine learning and natural language processing to increase win rates to an average of 80%.

ActualizeAI is that new platform that will be powered by a native utility token ASI. 

According to details in their whitepaper, the project says tapping into AI will see ActualizeAI analyse data from virtually every corner of the market, including news, sentiment and price indicators. Optimising this data for best buy or sell prices is expected to add to the overall profitability of trades.

Strong AI-narrative sees AltSignals presale register huge interest 

AlltSignals’ presale began with the ASI token priced at $0.012. The price has since increased in two subsequent stages, with ASI available at $0.015 in the first stage before rising to $0.01875. The AI-related token will eventually rise to $0.02274 in the last stage of the presale, giving early buyers significant returns.

The trading community is largely optimistic of ActualiseAI’s capabilities and features as shown by how fast the presale has progressed. 

Investors are also see ASI as a potentially interesting token to hold, particularly around the broader benefits that could come with its utility, including ecosystem governance, staking and participating in tournaments.

What’s the AltSignals price outlook? ASI to $1 in 2024?

Price predictions for AltSignals’ native token suggest a rally to new highs when it goes live on exchanges later in the quarter. Key short term price targets would be at $0.5 and $1. Exchange listings and ActualizeAI launch could possibly combine with positive market conditions to push ASI higher.

The reason for such a bullish view for AltSignals is that it’s already a trusted platform. The number of users has quickly grown into one of largest trading communities and the numbers could explode when the presale ends. 

Amid this outlook, investors might still want to focus on what happens with the AI-powered signals layer. Success could be a huge booster for ASI price.

Read more on AltSignals here.

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