metaverse tokens see triple digit 7 day gains crypto market cap inches toward 3 trillion 8lS7vE Metaverse Tokens See Triple-Digit 7 Day Gains, Crypto Market Cap Inches Toward $3 Trillion

Metaverse Tokens See Triple-Digit 7 Day Gains, Crypto Market Cap Inches Toward $3 Trillion

While bitcoin has been consolidating for a few days now, a number of other digital assets have seen solid seven-day gains. The two metaverse tokens sandbox and decentraland have skyrocketed over 170% during the last week. Crypto assets like loopring, coin, and arweave have spiked in value more than 66% and up to 169% this week as well.

Sandbox, Decentraland, Loopring See Triple-Digit Gains This Week

The price of bitcoin (BTC) has consolidated above the $60K zone for a while now and market performance this week has been rather lackluster. While bitcoin (BTC) gained 0.5% during the last seven days, three top-ten cryptos saw double-digit gains this week.

The third-largest market in terms of overall valuation is held by binance coin (BNB), which is up 24.1% this past week and swapping for $610 per BNB. Solana (SOL) swapping for $235 per unit is up 20.9% this week. Additionally, polkadot (DOT) has climbed 21.9% and is currently changing hands for $51.29 per unit.

While binance coin, solana, and polkadot saw double-digit spikes this week, sandbox, decentraland, and loopring prices soared this week. Sandbox (SAND) spiked 175.3% and decentraland (MANA) jumped 172.9% in value. During the course of the week, loopring (LRC) lifted by 169.4%.

SAND is ranked number 78 out of the crypto economy’s 10,390 coins as the crypto asset has gained 8,039% year to date. Similarly, decentraland (MANA) has done extremely well during the last 12 months spiking 3,931% year to date. 12-month statistics for loopring (LRC) show the cryptocurrency is up 1,025% over the last 12 months.

Numerous Double-Digit Crypto Gainers — Bitcoin Dominance Close to Sinking Below 40%

Following those three-digit crypto gains, coin (78.6%), arweave (66.2%), kadena (64.4%), holo (41.3%), chiliz (40.8%), basic attention token (39.4%), amp (39%), NEM (33.9%), omg network (31%), enjin coin (28.4%), and wonderland (25.1%) saw double-digit gains this past week.

The overall market capitalization of all 10,000+ coins in existence today is nearing $3 trillion at approximately $2.835 trillion on Friday, November 5. While there’s $152.28 billion in global trade volume, $83 billion of that volume is paired with stablecoins. Tether (USDT) commands $71.9 billion of today’s $83 billion aggregate total trade volume.

Out of the $2.835 trillion in value recorded on Friday, bitcoin’s (BTC) dominance is just above the 40% region with 40.6%. Ethereum, on the other hand, has 18.7% and numerous alternative crypto caps have increased dominance percentages.

What do you think about the past week’s crypto market action? What do you think about the triple and double-digit cryptocurrency gainers this week? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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