Metacade Poised to be the Biggest Online Arcade in the World With MCADE Tokens Selling Fast

The blockchain gaming space is proliferating, as more and more investors gravitate toward the possibilities on offer in the metaverse. The rich potential offered by expansive virtual worlds and integrated play-to-earn (P2E) earning mechanisms has created some of the best crypto opportunities found in the GameFi space. Metacade’s plans to become the biggest online arcade in the world are helping this brand-new platform become a potentially valuable gem.

Even as blockchain gaming grows, Metacade’s unique capabilities make the hub stand out from its competitors. Here’s why it’s proving such a hit with investors.

Metacade is a P2E gaming pioneer

Following the launch of Metacade’s MCADE token presale event recently, investors are becoming increasingly excited about the online arcade’s prospects in the next few years. The presale has raised $7.6m in just 14 weeks, with strong forward momentum.

The hype surrounding Metacade is clearly justified, thanks to its vast upcoming range of online arcade games, alongside rich earning possibilities for users who can collect passive income as they play. With the increasing adoption of blockchain games threatening to disrupt the gaming industry, projects like Metacade are ideally placed to improve the user experience.

The GameFi sector is expected to reach a $40 billion valuation by 2025, although most GameFi titles are offering a single gaming experience to their gamers. Metacade will raise expectations through this diverse range of games and its unique additional earning streams outside the traditional play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics.

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

When the MCADE presale ends, the token will be launched across centralized and decentralized exchanges, and MCADE coins will be available to the general public. The release of a fixed number of tokens on exchanges is expected to provoke a surge in demand, which will likely result in a steep price rise.

As word-of-mouth travels, marking out Metacade as the place to hunt out the best P2E blockchain games and gameplay experience, MCADE is again likely to explode in value. Many analysts believe that $1 is an achievable aim for MCADE, a barrier that would mark 50X returns from the deal at the end of the presale.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the world’s first online arcade that will offer a community-driven approach across a vast array of GameFi and P2E games, with features stretching beyond just gaming. As well as a bursting compendium of online arcade games with integrated P2E mechanics, the community and broader Web3 ecosystem stand to benefit in several ways.

Metacade’s plans to build a burgeoning online community of blockchain game enthusiasts and Web3 aficionados will be greatly helped by their Create2Earn scheme, which rewards users that post social content on the hub. Interactions could range from game reviews to sharing alpha, passing on gaming tips to participating in live chats, and threads on Reddit-style sub-forums. Each useful interaction reaps a reward.

How does MCADE work?

Metacade’s reach extends to appeal to both the casual and seasoned competitive gamer. Whether a player wants to take on friends in a head-to-head duel or enter tournaments to take on the world, climb leaderboards and gain rewards, Metacade’s hub is shaping up to be the ideal place to go.

The hub also aims to become a central point for the larger Web3 community, appealing to the hottest talent to find the most exciting job opportunities in the industry. From 2024, Metacade’s hub will incorporate a job board to connect community members with part-time and full-time blockchain game job opportunities. In addition, their Work2Earn feature will see the posting of gig work, freelance roles, and beta-testing roles within Metacade with crypto rewards on offer.

Metacade: A blockchain game innovator

Arguably the jewel in the Metacade crown is its innovative Metagrants initiative. Designed to promote the creation of new blockchain games exclusively for Metacade, developers can apply for early-stage funding to support the process of bringing the most exciting new titles to the platform.

Metacade’s community can choose which games are granted funding by voting for their favorites from a pool of ideas. Those that get the most votes go into production, with the benefit of funding to help the process along. These voting rights form part of Metacade’s gradual transition to becoming a fully-fledged DAO by the end of 2024 when all power will be devolved from the project team to the community.

MCADE: An excellent crypto to buy now for long-term gains

The MCADE presale event represents a fantastic opportunity for investors to make serious gains and be part of the growing GameFi revolution. After launching at just $0.008, the current value of MCADE is $0.0155. This value will eventually rise to $0.02 at the end of the presale before MCADE is listed on crypto exchanges.

Metacade’s rich project plan, excellent longevity, and pioneering attitude look set to make it a giant and true standard-bearer in P2E gaming. Investment in MCADE now could be a rare opportunity to make enormous gains as Metacade becomes the online arcade of choice for gamers and crypto fans worldwide.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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