gunzilla bONOjm Gunzilla Games Integrates GUNZ Blockchain with OpenSea Marketplace

Gunzilla Games Integrates GUNZ Blockchain with OpenSea Marketplace

Gunzilla Games, a prominent AAA game studio and the developer behind the GUNZ blockchain, has announced a significant partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. This collaboration will see the native integration of the GUNZ blockchain into OpenSea, making it the 9th blockchain to be supported by the platform.


Gunzilla Games announces native integration of its GUNZ blockchain with OpenSea marketplace
GUNZ will be the 9th blockchain supported by OpenSea, allowing users to trade in-game items from games built on the GUNZ platform
The integration will provide a compliant and transparent NFT marketplace for trading in-game items, bridging web2 and web3 gaming
The first project launching on GUNZ will be Gunzilla’s cyberpunk-style battle royale game “Off The Grid”
Gunzilla Games recently announced a combined $30M in funding from various investors

The GUNZ blockchain, built on a custom Avalanche Subnet, is designed to empower AAA game developers by providing them with the tools to create player-driven economies.

This is achieved by granting players full ownership of their in-game assets as tradeable NFTs. The integration with OpenSea will establish a compliant and transparent NFT marketplace for trading these in-game items, effectively bridging the gap between traditional web2 gaming and the emerging web3 gaming sector.

Huge news for all GUNZ users and builders!

GUNZ is integrating with @OpenSea, making it the 9th blockchain to be supported by this leading NFT marketplace.

Players and OpenSea users alike will be able to trade in-game items natively on the GUNZ chain through OpenSea, using…

— GUNZ Official (@GUNbyGUNZ) April 9, 2024

As a result of this partnership, players and OpenSea users will be able to trade NFT items from any game built on the GUNZ blockchain, using the platform’s native “GUN” token as the exclusive method of payment. This move is expected to revolutionize the way value is created and exchanged within digital gaming worlds.

The first project set to launch on the GUNZ blockchain is Gunzilla Games’ highly anticipated cyberpunk-style battle royale game, “Off The Grid.” Scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year, “Off The Grid” will serve as a prime example of the potential of this partnership, showcasing the future of gaming economies.

Vlad Korolov, CEO and Co-Founder of Gunzilla Games, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that it brings the company one step closer to realizing its vision of a unified, player-driven economy across all games developed on the GUNZ blockchain. He also highlighted the significance of the launch of “Off The Grid,” which will offer a glimpse into the potential of this collaboration and the future of digital ownership in gaming.

OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer also shared his excitement about the partnership, praising Gunzilla Games for prioritizing great gameplay and advanced in-game economies that put the player first. He emphasized the importance of the GUNZ integration into OpenSea, as it brings the highly anticipated “Off The Grid” into their marketplace and introduces an element of ownership that console and PC players have yet to experience.

This announcement follows Gunzilla Games’ recent success in securing a combined $30M in funding, consisting of a $10M strategic token round co-led by CoinFund and the Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Fund, with participation from Republic Capital and Morningstar Ventures.

Founded in 2020, Gunzilla Games has quickly established itself as a leading independent AAA video game developer and publisher, with a strong focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry.

The company boasts a formidable team of talent from various industry-leading studios and publishers, as well as notable figures such as Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director, and producer Neill Blomkamp, who serves as the Chief Visionary Officer, and Richard K. Morgan, the author of the Altered Carbon series, as the Script Writer.

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