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Golden Gate (GGX) Developer Insights and Novel DeFi

PRESS RELEASE. Golden Gate (GGX) is a novel interchain infrastructure protocol that eliminates Layer 0 communication friction by delivering protocol-agnostic communications and more secure liquidity transfer. Golden Gate mediates interchain communication via the Incentivized Message Delivery Protocol (IMDP), which uses a network of couriers running light clients to deliver messages for efficient cross-chain communication. Golden Gate supports the IBC, XCMP, and LayerZero communication protocols, amongst others, making it universally composable across Web3 infrastructure.

With this architecture, Golden Gate delivers a next-generation programmable layer 0, enabling developers to leverage this technology stack to benefit their dApps and, ultimately, their end users. In practice, this means that developers will be able to deploy their dApps such that they are natively interoperable and protocol agnostic from day 1, abstracting away the need to worry about cross chain interoperability. In order to build on Golden Gate’s layer 0, developers must deploy their apps with the Golden Gate Virtual Machine, which supports a wide array of languages and tooling. Building on Golden Gate is in essence building cross-chain across all major chains and places novel DeFi utilization and use cases as its centerpiece.

Golden Gate already has novel DeFi applications being developed on it, which are only possible on multichain platforms that provide comprehensive interchain infrastructure like Golden Gate. While DeFi innovation has stagnated over the past two years, multichain DeFi on Golden Gate promises to bring true scalable innovation to decentralized finance.

Golden Gate’s hybrid virtual machine builds upon Astar’s cross-virtual machine (XVM) pallet, which provides cross VM interactions between WebAssembly (WASM) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts. This requires two separate breakthroughs: 1) EVM Adapter – a WASM wrapped EVM contract call, as WASM smart contracts expects to only receive and send active calls – meaning an event in an EVM environment must be able to make a call to a separate WASM contract, all within Substrate runtime. 2) XVM Adapter – that does the reverse, interacting from WASM to EVM, which requires a chain extension, a way to extend contracts API to add contracts to runtime pallet interaction. Golden Gate’s EVM adapter is already complete today, and the XVM adapter is on track to be bidirectionally live soon (slated for Q2 2023).

Detailed in Golden Gate’s whitepaper this means in practice that developers can deploy dApps written in languages that compile down to EVM bytecode or WebAssembly. For EVM familiar developers, a host of developer tools can now be used on Golden Gate, including smart contract languages such as Solidity and Vyper, frameworks such as Truffle, Hardhat, and Foundry, IDEs such as Remix and Ethereum Studio, and a host of other EVM native tools you are used to using. For WASM familiar developers, the same is true for languages such as Rust and Typescript, enabling you to inherit the vast toolchains that are well established and thoroughly hardened. This makes building on Golden Gate accessible to the 300 thousand Solidity programmers, plus the additional 30 million programmers that code in languages that compile down to WebAssembly, opening Golden Gate to developers to the wider programming community.

Now, instead of being constrained by execution environments, and thus limiting your dApp’s access to liquidity within a specific blockchain ecosystem, the script can now be flipped, where your execution environment is not a decision that constrains liquidity, but can be determined after you’ve decided to build on Golden Gate, a fundamentally interoperable layer 0.

Golden Gate (GGX) aimed at unifying fragmented infrastructure and protecting communications and liquidity in Web3 is moving to TestNet soon creating the means for developers to begin exploring building dApps and DeFi innovation that are truly cross-chain. Golden Gate is universalizing cross-chain liquidity, solving the problem of liquidity and communication fragmentation across blockchains and communication standards.


Golden Gate (GGX) is interchain infrastructure that delivers protocol agnostic cross-chain communications and liquidity routing, featuring a comprehensive security architecture. Golden Gate is delivering a next-generation programmable layer 0, with an embedded hybrid virtual machine, and advanced DeFi orchestration capabilities that contributes critical infrastructure for Web3’s emerging “Internet of Blockchains.” Golden Gate is developed by a team that collectively helped build key components of our industry’s first generation fragmented infrastructure, now with the mission to bring frictionless composability and enhanced security standards to Web3.

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