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Exciting News for The Boost DeFi Community

Developers of BoostSwap, the Boost ecosystem’s smooth, user-friendly swap and their popular native token Boost Coin have reached another huge milestone. As the Boost community awaits the release of their highly anticipated Boost DeFi app in mid-November, the Boost ecosystem recently announced their alliance with a major crypto hedge fund, NZT Capital. NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst company composed of a team of leaders of innovative sectors in Latin America that acknowledge the massive potential in blockchain technology. NZT Capital has committed to monthly injections and will help the Boost community to continue to soar to the top. The NZT Capital team in collaboration with Boost’s team of blockchain experts is monumental.

The awaited Boost DeFi app will be officially launched in mid-November but is currently available to download for iOS and Android. Within the first 24 hours of being available, the app was downloaded over 11k times. Meanwhile, Boost’s exchange BoostSwap and free limit orders are currently live. Conveniently, BoostSwap is embedded directly into the Boost DeFi app. Additionally, users can look forward to other financial tools such as as a portfolio tracker feature called BoostFolio where users can connect their wallets, BoostCharts, BoostFarming, BoostTools which is comparable to DexTools, a chat feature, education tab and a news tab with the most current information from major crypto outlets.

Presently, Boost Coin has over 8k holders and their numbers are increasing by the hour, especially as Boost DeFi gets closer to completion. Analysts are forecasting that Boost Coin will reach $1 upon the app’s functionary release. The Boost community is buzzing with anticipation for Boost DeFi’s drop and the hedge fund partnership with NZT Capital. The energy and excitement are contagious. Across Instagram and Twitter, observers can find supporters and celebrities tagging Boost and congratulating them on their benchmarks.

Celebrities like rapper Jadakiss and YouTuber and singer Candela Diaz have been seen raving about Boost Coin and the future of Boost on Instagram.

This is truly only the beginning for the Boost community. The combination of a strong community-base, expert development team and strategic partnerships is paving the way for a promising future for the Boost ecosystem. The completion of the Boost DeFi app will be the cohesive piece to the puzzle, tying together all of Boost’s financial tools in one convenient place. Although it is still early, things are moving fast. Don’t miss out. Make sure to keep up with Boost on social media for new developments, giveaways and more.

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