emergents TdRiE2 Emergents TCG: The Next Great Digital Trading Card Game

Emergents TCG: The Next Great Digital Trading Card Game

Developed by the Web3-based digital entertainment company InterPop, Emergents TCG is a Tezos blockchain-based Trading Card Game that gives players the ability to own their own in-game items. This is a top-down design-driven game built in the Emergents Super Hero Universe.

Emergents TCG have onboarded more than 6500 users in the last week alone, does this make it one of the top blockchain games in it’s category? Read on for all the details ….

What Is Emergents TCG?

Last year, InterPop launched its first five comic book series including The Nine, Emergents Presents, #ZOEMG, The Abyss, and The Rejects on the Tezos blockchain that creates a superhero universe including all comics available digitally via their InterPop Comics readership platform.

Not only does the Emergents TCG tap into this growing universe and its rich storylines to create an exciting player experience, but it also leverages the power of the Tezos blockchain to turn cards into digital collectibles.

As such, players are able to own cards, cosmetics, and other game assets via almost any wallet in the Tezos ecosystem. This uses up to 1.5 million times less energy rather than other tokens.

As a strategy-first card game on the Tezos blockchain, Emergents TCG has launched its Public Beta bringing a gaming experience that is less punitive than free-to-play and less impenetrable than the economies of blockchain games.

The game focuses on gameplay experiences for the age of mobile gaming.

The Public Beta is happening right now, and starting August 18th players can purchase a special drop to commemorate the launch of the game – The Super Booster.

The packs, including exclusive art that will not be available elsewhere in the game, will be ready to crack open upon purchase and the cards will be playable right away.

The Super Booster Sale

The all-promo “Super Booster” card pack featured a ton of bonus content with an exclusive pre-sale to the whitelist.

To join this list, fans will only need to purchase any comic NFT from interpopcomics.com or any promo card from the upcoming trading card game available on https://minterpop.com/emergentstcg.

As a Web 2.5 game, Emergents TCG provides all the social logins and paradigms that players are comfortable with from Web 2 such as social logins and paying with a credit card while having the true ownership unlocked by the blockchain.

Super Booster NFTs

There are two tiers of packs available, players are able to purchase them for 50 and 175 tez respectively, or use a credit card.

The two tiers of packs will contain a series of simplified NFTs items, as following list, but not all items will be included in each pack:

Exclusive NFT promo versions of cards from the TCG’s initial set, featuring amazing Emergents comic-cover art.
Early-access NFT cards from upcoming Emergents TCG NFT releases, featuring The Rejects – the Emergents universe’s newest team.
Ultra-rare, 1-of-1 edition, ‘1st Minted’ promos of every promo card in the Super Booster.
NFT player avatars with skins and characters exclusive to this Super Booster drop.
Reward: every Super Booster pack also contains at least one NFT comic from InterPopComics.com, including rare, sold-out variant cover NFTs from InterPop’s launch celebration in 2021.

Moreover, there will be one Epic Super Booster tier and each of which will be sold at auction in an edition of 8, featuring these items:

1 1st Minted Version of Super Booster Exclusive NFT Card
1 Scott Kolins Original Comic Art NFT
1 The Abyss Player Avatar NFT
2 NFT Comic Books
2 Player Avatar NFTs
4 Epic Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards
5 Rare Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards
10 Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards

If you join the whitelist by 11:59 pm EST on August 17, you will be able to purchase the Super Booster during the white list-only presale on August 18. Then, the Super Booster sale will open to the general public beginning on August 19th.

What Makes Emergents TCG Special?

Emergents TCG combines the best gameplay of digital TCG with a brand new economy experience. This makes the game meet quick action requests for the digital age but does not sacrifice the depth of the experience that many other card games in the genre go to.

Anyone who is frustrated with the so-called “free to play” model of modern Trading Card Games will love the ability to sell and trade the cards they buy – something that has been sorely lacking from FTP experiences.

Other blockchain games have attempted to fill that void but they come with complex economies predicated on insider crypto knowledge.

Meanwhile, with Emergents TCG, whether you’re new to Blockchains or experienced with them, you’ll be able to play Emergents.

As blockchain technology gives users the advantage of complete ownership and control of their cards, the cards existing on the blockchain act as unique entities.

Players can trade the cards, sell them, and track their history. Players will not need to know how Tezos or a Blockchain works to experience the Emergents TCG.

As mentioned, the Emergents TCG Super Boosters include digital comics, player avatars, and a chance at one of 28 pages of physical, original comic book art that can attract not only fans of comic books but also People who enjoy NFTs and digital art.

In addition, the team behind InterPop includes pro-players and game developers such as Corey Burkhart, Alan Comer, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Brian David-Marshall, Zvi Mowshowitz, and Drew Nolosco.

With such a team and creative talent, the company wants to bridge the gap between the latest technology and the classical conventions of fandom.

As a result, they can create utterly unique experiences for players without compromising the nostalgia of collectibles, comics, and gaming culture.

How does Emergents TCG work?

The Emergents universe, which is the setting for InterPop’s comic series, provides NFTs cards for purchasing, which are also true digital ownership. This ownership allows players the ability to engage with the content and direct the story’s outcome.

You will have power over decisions that range from the cosmetic to the cosmic through voting that will have real consequences and a lasting impact on the Emergents.

The cards are minted to the Tezos network, therefore, players can sell the item for real money, or use it in a game of Emergents.

Players will have the ability to acquire new cards each through auctions. Once cards have been auctioned off, players will have the ability to purchase the cards directly from the game, or trade for them from other players.

All players’ asset NFTs in the game are stored in their digital Kukai wallet, an electronic wallet where players can store and engage in transactions using Tezos cryptocurrency.

You can also move your game asset NFTs from your Kukai Wallet linked to the game account to other wallets. To create a Kukai account today, visit https://wallet.kukai.app/ and select New Wallet.

Emergents: The Conclusion

By combining the deep strategy of traditional TCGs, the convenience and fast pace of digital TCGs, and the digital ownership of Web3, Emergents TCG is the next great Trading Card Game in the market.

Not only does it give users the advantage of complete ownership and control of their cards, but the game itself is also engaging and fun.

With the goal to have the simplicity and speed of Hearthstone while also having the strategic depth of MTG, is easy to see that Emergents TCG is a high-quality product made by the best minds in the industry.

If you think this game sounds like a lot of fun – you can start playing soon!

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