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Dogecoin Holder Base Reaches New Record Amid Surge In Interest

Dogecoin has soared toward a new record in one notable metric as interest in the meme coin continues to surge. This time around, the holder base of the cryptocurrency has reached a new all-time high, signaling rapid adoption among crypto investors.

Dogecoin Holders Cross 6.9 Million

The month of March has come with glad tidings for Dogecoin. Not only has the meme coin’s price risen tremendously this month, its holder base has also seen a lot of growth. This month, the total DOGE holder base crossed 6.9 million for the very first time, setting a new record. However, the meme coin is not anywhere near done as the number continues to rise.

According to data from the Coincarp website, the number of Dogecoin holders on the mainnet has reached 6,932,763 as of March 28. Given the growth rate of the number of holders over the last month, the number could cross 7 million before the month of March is over.

This new record is a testament to the adoption that DOGE has witnessed over the last few months. Despite competitors such as BONK, PEPE, and WIF springing out of the woodwork, as well as its fiercest rival, Shiba Inu, continuing to put up a fight, Dogecoin has dominated as the leading meme coin.

To put this growth in perspective, the DOGE holder base started out the year 2024 with around 6.06 million holders. Three months later, it is more than 6.9 million, meaning that the holder base grew more than 14% during this time.

DOGE Outlook Continues To Be Bullish

In addition to the rapid rise in Dogecoin holders, there has been a notable uptick in other metrics, such as daily transaction counts, whale transactions, and age consumed. These point to a rise in bullish sentiment among investors who expect the price to keep going up.

The age consumed is particularly important here since it shows that more investors are choosing to hold their DOGE tokens for the longer term. This has significantly reduced the selling pressure on the meme coin, allowing it to rally at a time when most of the crypto market remains suppressed.

Another metric that has shown a significant increase is the daily transaction volume which is up almost 50% in the last day. This uptick shows more interest in trading Dogecoin and with its price surging in the last day, it suggests that the majority of this volume is skewed toward buying rather than selling.

The DOGE price is currently reflecting this surge in interest as its price is up almost 10% in the last day. However, the bears continue to maintain resistance around $0.2, forcing the meme coin back downward.

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