Crypto Billionaires Lose Billions in Crypto Markets – Experts Predict Metacade Will Soar

Crypto billionaires are among those that have suffered the worst from the crypto crash of 2022, seeing billions of dollars wiped from the value of their investments. As markets reeled from a string of big names in crypto filing for bankruptcy, such as Luna and FTX, and global economies struggling due to a raft of different challenges, crypto billionaires looked on in horror as the value of their holdings nosedived almost overnight.

These events shook investor confidence, but the good news for crypto billionaires and those looking to make their first steps into crypto investment is that some projects can still offer major potential gains. One of these is the new blockchain gaming platform, Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the world’s first virtual online gaming arcade that harnesses blockchain technology to offer gamers the broadest array of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming titles coming to the metaverse. The project aims to bring together gaming enthusiasts in one central place, to build a community with like-minded individuals while empowering gamers and GameFi fans to determine the platform’s future direction.

P2E functionality is the primary attraction to pull gaming enthusiasts into the hub. Unlike many other metaverse gaming platforms that rely on a single title to attract gamers, Metacade’s comprehensive game library has something for gamers of every hue. From the casual gamer wanting to thrash their friends in a traditional Streetfighter-esq “beat-‘em-up” duel to the serious tournament gamer, everyone who takes part can earn crypto rewards.

How does Metacade work?

MCADE is the currency that provides fuel for Metacade’s platform. It underpins every facet of the project, providing the funding that flows into players’ wallets and supplying the impetus to position Metacade at the head of the metaverse gaming revolution.

Revenue is generated through several channels, some from the community and others from outside sources. Metacade members can invest MCADE tokens through staking to enter online tournaments and prize draws to share in lucrative prize pools as part of the Compete2Earn scheme, and by playing pay-to-play titles just as they would in a real-world video arcade.

External funding is sourced from advertising on the hub, selling space to other game developers to release games on Metacade through their launchpad program, and from Q1 2024 by allowing Web3 companies to post the most exciting career development opportunities on their job board as part of the innovative Work2Earn initiative.

Meanwhile, the community can access additional earning streams alongside the primary P2E mechanism. One of these is through success in Compete2Earn tournaments, while another is the Create2Earn platform, where users are rewarded in crypto for social interactions with the hub. The more content they create, the more they earn through contributions such as game reviews, knowledge sharing, and engaging in live chats.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

One of the most novel ideas fuelling interest in Metacade is their ground-breaking Metagrants scheme which looks set to evolve the platform to new heights while providing support for the wider Web3 sector through the promotion of and investment in new ideas.

Developers are encouraged to submit ideas for exclusive new games into a pool, whereby MCADE token holders can vote on them. The most popular submissions are granted funding from the platform’s treasury wallet to bring developers’ ideas into reality. The scheme launches in Q3 2023, with the first title to be launched in Q1 2024.

The Metagrants scheme provides the Metacade community with greater autonomy in determining the direction of the hub and opens up access to some of the best and most exciting new titles within Web3, with fully community-endorsed games filling the platform’s arcade.

Could MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

The hype generated by Metacade through its presale event has seen a phenomenal $5.4m raised in only 10 weeks. That figure continues to shoot up as as investors flock to MCADE, cementing it as potentially one of the best crypto investments of the year.

The price of MCADE is currently $0.013 and will increase in value to an eventual level of $0.02 when the presale ends. Predictions are that once MCADE hits the exchanges, interest could soar. With presale investors retaining their holding to see what gains can be made and new investors scrambling to get their hands on the remaining supply, forecasts of MCADE surging through the $1 barrier in 2023 are not unrealistic.

Buy MCADE now: The best GameFi investment of 2023

At $0.013, MCADE looks undervalued, even considering current bearish market conditions. The hugely popular and well-conceived roadmap, combined with the vast long-term potential of Metacade, means it could be an outstanding investment opportunity in 2023.

While investing in MCADE won’t quickly replace the lost billions of crypto billionaires, it does represent an great crypto investment for any crypto investor.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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