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Cosmos-based Aura launches Xstaxy Mainnet in October

Aura Network, a scalable, Layer-1 blockchain based on Cosmos, will launch its Xstaxy Mainnet on October 1, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Aura Network has a full ecosystem equipped to optimize NFTs use cases across current and future industries. 

Built using Cosmos SDK 

Aura Network was created using Cosmos SDK, the most popular framework for building blockchain applications in the world. It provides developers with simplicity and full open-source flexibility to generate a full Cosmos SDK application in just several hours.

First use case with Artaverse 

Moreover, Aura unlocked the first use case with Artaverse in May. The network produced a musical event in partnership with VnExpress, one of the most widely used websites in Vietnam.

The event, recorded by Alexa, captured the performances of some famous singers, then created NFTs based on them to distribute to collectors and fans.

Giang Tran, Founder & CEO at Aura Network, said:

Aura is one step closer to fulfilling its mission, which is to create the NFT ecosystem of the future. This begins with becoming the top user experience chain of Cosmos. Driving mainstream users from the traditional to the NFT industry is among our most important goals. We can achieve it by optimizing NFT use cases and utilities in the simplest way.

In April, Aura Network released Halo and Serenity, two testnets, as an experimental medium for early adopters to experience the first features in preparation for the official launch of the Xstaxy Mainnet in October.

DeFi platform Coin98 Ventures added:

Aura Network is a perfect match to accelerate global NFT adoption by offering a reliable, blazing fast, scalable, cheap, and NFT-centric layer-1.

At various stages, Aura Network focuses on making sure the basic and main dApps are implemented and function seamlessly during its release. Those dApps will be used to improve user experience continuously. Among them are AuraScan, PyxisSafe, and Aura HUB.

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