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Boost DeFi App Launching in November

Developers of the decentralized platform, Boost, are bringing the latest financial tools to the palm of your hand with the new app Boost DeFi. Boost DeFi is currently available to download for iOS and Android users with an official launch in mid-November. For now, users can utilize Boost’s exchange, BoostSwap, which is embedded directly into the app and free limit orders.

Boost has been making quite a buzz within the crypto space lately. Their native token, Boost Coin is soaring high with now over 8,000 holders and BoostSwap has a reputation for being the smoothest user-friendly exchange on the market. Now with the launch of Boost DeFi in the near future, analysts are projecting that Boost Coin will skyrocket to $5-10 upon release. Boost holders and supporters have been waiting anxiously for the app to launch; within the first 24 hours of Boost DeFi becoming available, it was downloaded over 11k times.

Besides their exchange BoostSwap and free limit orders, in the future, Boost DeFi will include other financial tools such as a portfolio tracker feature called BoostFolio where users can connect their wallets, BoostCharts, BoostFarming, BoostTools which is comparable to DexTools, a chat feature, education tab and news from major crypto outlets. Boost DeFi will also be customizable to suit users’ specific needs, including customizable notifications.

Boost is now at a 200 million dollar market cap. It’s no wonder that the Boost community continues to reach new milestones. Their stellar development team has been in the blockchain space since 2014, minting dozens of new millionaires in the Bull Run in 2020. Additionally, Boost developers have completed various successful projects with billion-dollar market capitals. Boost holders continue to expand while Boost’s celebrity partnerships, such as Tory Lanez, continue to endorse Boost online to his followers across Instagram and Twitter. When Boost DeFi’s limit order feature went live, Lanez tweeted,

“I TOLD YALL !!!!!!! Congrats to the whole @TheBoostCoin team on the release of their free Limit Order function! Now y’all can buy dips in your sleep. Just set it and forget it. BoostSwap officially dominates Uniswap. Game over.”

Adding Boost DeFi to the Boost ecosystem will conveniently include everything that holders need in one smooth and user-friendly place. While the Boost community awaits mid-November for the apps official launch, users continue to download Boost DeFi to utilize BoostSwap. Until then, continue to keep up with exciting updates, app developments and giveaways through Boost’s various social media platforms. Don’t miss out.

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