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Bitcoin Hosting: Web Hosting Companies Who Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

It is easy to forget that Bitcoin is a very useful currency in its own right. One area where Bitcoin is a perfect payment solution is web hosting. There are no shortage of top-tier web hosting companies who accept Bitcoin. Most offer a range of services, and some even offer a high level of anonymity.

If you got into Bitcoin early, there is a good chance that you are set for life when it comes to web hosting. Although some merchants have stopped accepting Bitcoin after the bear market took hold last year, the world of web hosting is rife with companies that will work with cryptos.

Most of the companies on this list have been accepting cryptos for at least a year, and some of them have been crypto-friendly for many years. You shouldn’t worry about finding a webhosting company that accepts cryptos, but it is important to make sure you get the right webhosting plan for your needs.

Top Bitcoin Hosting Companies

Further down we will give you a complete overview of all the bitcoin hosting companies, if you are in hurry though, here are our top two picks.


Hosting Types
Hosting Types

Price From
$3.29 Month
Price From
$7.99 Month

Accepted Cryptocurrencies
Accepted Cryptocurrencies


Why Choose Webhosting Companies who Accept Bitcoin?

One of the most obvious reasons to choose Bitcoin as a payment method is its ease of use. If you already have some cryptos, using them as a means of payment is very convenient. There are also options out there for people that want to maximize their anonymity and freedom of speech.

Keeping your identity safe online has noting to do with criminality. The world’s political structure is becoming increasingly strained, and many governments are actively censoring ideas. Anonymous webhosting makes sure your site stays online, and you don’t get caught up in a political witch hunt that could cost you your freedom.

Unlike some payment systems that apply big charges when you use them, Bitcoin lets you pay minimal transaction fees. No matter where your counterparty is, there is no need to do any kind of currency conversion. Easy payments are another big benefit that cryptos bring to the table.

Buy Webhosting with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin can be used to buy just about any kind of webhosting there is. Small sites that don’t get much traffic would probably be fine on a cloud or shared server, but some of the webhosting providers we list below offer a lot more than that.

It is a good idea to think about what kind of webhosting you need, before you look into a yearly plan. Buying more than you need can add up quickly. There is no benefit to buying a lot of webhosting power when your needs are simple. Save the money if you can.

Conversely, if your website is starting to get a lot more traffic, don’t want too long to upgrade your webhosting. Nothing turns users off faster than a website that is slow to load, or buggy. Making sure that your customers can browse easily is a big part of building up an e-commerce website, and the right amount of server power is an important part of that equation.

What Kind of Webhosting Do You Need?

There are a different kinds of webhosting to choose from. Some webhosting companies will offer just about any kind there is, while others have a more specific mix of webhosting options. Here is a brief rundown of some of the most popular forms of webhosting.

Some of these webhosting options might seem a little bit redundant, and they are. Today, cloud hosting is creating new ways to do webhosting. More webhosting options are basically a good thing, but it is important to understand the highlights and drawbacks of each option.

If you are already a webhosting expert, just skip this section!

Shared Hosting

If you are just getting into the online game, shared hosting is probably the way to go. All of your data will be stored on a server with other websites. Shared hosting is a cost effective option because the webhosting company can put tens or hundreds (or more) websites on single server, some providers offer managed hosting which means they will manage all aspects of your website for you;

Shared hosting is potentially slower than dedicated hosting, but smaller websites probably won’t notice much of a differences (geographic location means a lot too). All of the domains will share the server’s resources, including RAM and storage.

The major upside to shared hosting is the cost.

Most webhosting companies will offer shared hosting for a few dollars a month, which more than offsets the potential downsides for non-enterprise clients. The downside of limited server power isn’t going to be an issue for smaller websites, though it would be a problem for larger businesses.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is basically the opposite of shared hosting.

Your webhosting company will give you access to a server that is just for your website. The advantages of a dedicated server are substantial. Instead of sharing server resources with who knows how many other websites, you get all the RAM, memory and bandwidth.

On the flipside, dedicated servers are much more expensive.

Unless you have an established web presence, and are making money from your online business, using a dedicated server probably isn’t necessary. The costs to run an dedicated server will add up quickly, so make sure you need one before you sign a long-term contract.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Webhosting

A VPS mimics some of the aspects of a dedicated server, while still using a server that is shared with more than one website. If you need to use custom software, or want the kind of control that only a dedicated server can deliver, a VPS is a step up from shared hosting.

Unfortunately, a VPS will still still suffer from some of the issues that are inherent to shared hosting. If a traffic spike hits, your website will slow down. On the plus side, a VPS is going to be far cheaper than a real dedicated server.

Using a VPS is a good way to troubleshoot your web architecture before migrating to a real dedicated server, as most VPSs operate as a dedicated server would.

Cloud Hosting

The term ‘cloud hosting’ has become something of a buzzword in the world of webhosting. At its most basic level, cloud hosting just means that your website will be hosted in the ‘cloud’, which is a wide network of interconnected computers.

If you are considering cloud hosting, be sure to read about what your would actually be getting from the webhosting company. In most cases shared hosting is going to be cheaper, and with few disadvantages to smaller websites.

Medium and enterprise-level websites have more research to do. If your company has traffic from all over the world, cloud hosting could be a good option.

All of the webhosting companies we chose for this list have good (or even great) reputations for customer service, so you should be able to ask them about what kind of hosting plan would fit your needs the best.

Webhosting Companies who Accept Bitcoin

Here is our run down of all the hosting companies which allow you to pay in crypto or bitcoin, will be updated as we find any more.


Hostwinds has been in business since 2010. The company recently decided to accept Bitcoin as payment for any of its services. Hostwinds will also accept a number of other cryptos as payment, so make sure to check if you have one of their other payment cryptos before you swap your Bitcoin.

While Hostwinds hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other webhosting companies on the list, it does have a stellar reputation for customer service. It also offers a 60 money back guarantee for new customers, which is a very generous offer.

Hostwinds includes standard services that will come in handy. In addition to a free dedicated IP address, email accounts, and FTP, you will also have the ability to create unlimited sub-domains. Hostwinds also does free website transfers and will supply you with the latest version of cPanel as well as instant account creation and setup.

All in all, Hostwinds is a fully-featured webhosting company that gives its clients loads of crypto payment options. They were among the first webhosting companies to accept cryptos as payment, and have maintained their policy during a very volatile time for crypto prices.

Visit Hostwinds


Hostinger offers a range of webhosting services and recently decided to accept Bitcoin. The company thinks that younger people who may not have access to credit cards need a way to pay for things online.

Like many of the other webhosting companies in this list, Hostinger delivers 99.9% uptime and customer support around the clock. If you would like to move over to Hostinger from another webhosting company that doesn’t accept crypto, it will help you migrate your existing website for free.

As a full range webhosting solution, Hostinger is a great choice for new web projects that need a webhosting company they can grow with. Definitely worth a look, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

That rocks!

Visit Hostinger


Namecheap is one of the most popular companies in webhosting. It is also the first webhosting company to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The company started accepting Bitcoin way back in 2013. If it held onto its bitcoins, that decision made the company a massive profit!

Today Namecheap still lets its clients pay with Bitcoin. In addition to being an innovator in digital currency adoption, Namecheap offers a wide range of services. You can buy anything from a single page website from the company, all the way up to dedicated servers for enterprise-level applications.

Namecheap gives its clients a minimum of of two processors, 16GB RAM and 4 RAID drives in the webservers. The company also delivers 99.9% uptime, aside from scheduled maintenance. The company uses state of the art security to protect your data, and has a good reputation for customer service.

All in all, Namecheap is a leading webhosting company that will gladly accept Bitcoin as payment. It is worth considering as a webhosting provider no matter what you need.

Visit Namecheap


Heficed was late to adopt crypto as a payment method, but now it accepts more than 50 different kinds of cryptos!

The company offers a wide range of webhosting services, and is based in the UK. If you are looking for a cloud-based VPS hosting specialist, it would be worth learning more about Heficed. It can handle enterprise-level CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Magento.

In addition to supporting the most popular CMS platforms, and accepting pretty much any popular crypto, Heficed gets great reviews for its customer service. It is worth learning more about, especially if you are in the e-commerce arena or run a popular website.

Visit Heficed


Not only does Hosterbox deliver best-in-class webhosting and customer support, it will even discount your webhosting bill by 20% if you pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The company has a global reach, with operations in more than 170 countries around the world.

Hosterbox is famous for giving its clients a lot of flexibility and not creating restrictive contracts. It also offers free website migration and 24/7 customer support, no matter how big or small the client is.

In addition to incentivizing crypto payments, Hosterbox performs frequent backups, so even if there is a problem with your site, you aren’t likely to lose anything. It is a great company that will work for just about anyone globally, and the crypto discount is worth keeping in mind at if you are in the market to buy webhosting with your cryptos.

Visit HosterBox

Hawk Host

The company now known as Hawk Host started off in 2004 as Dedicated Host. It changed its name in 2008, and has a long track record of providing solid webhosting.

You can choose from a range of webhosting options with Hawk Host. The company accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment methods, which should appeal to anyone who wants to pay for their web presence using cryptos.

Hawk Host offers competitive pricing, free website migration and a range of hosting plans. It has established itself as a leading provider of webhosting services, and is worth looking at no matter what kind of webhosting you need to buy.

Visit Hawk Host


Glowhost was founded around the time when the internet was just getting started. It opened up for business back in 2002, and began to accept Bitcoin in 2016. The company has a great reputation for both uptime and customer service.

If you check out Glowhost’s plans, you will see four shared hosting solutions at competitive prices. The company also offers semi-dedicated webhosting, as well as premium business plans. There isn’t much that Glowhost can’t help you with, and they have a long track record behind them.

If you are on the fence about using Glowhost, they offer a 91-day money back guarantee. It also has 16 global data centers, which means that people should have a great user experience no matter where they are in the world.

Visit Glowhost


Javapipe is a webhosting company that works with Java, PHP and cloud-based webhosting solutions. Its customers can pay for webhosting with Bitcoin. The company started adopting Bitcoin for payment in 2018.

The company uses the SiteWorx Hosting panel to manage its clients data. Javapipe also includes an Apache Tomcat installation with every account to make sure that you site is safely deployed into the cloud. Javapipe isn’t going to be the right webhosting company for everyone. On the other hand, if you need Java-specific webhosting, Javapipe is a good company to look into.

Visit Javapipe

Anonymous Web Hosting Options That Accept Bitcoin

One of the biggest features that drove the initial adoption of Bitcoin is the fact that it offered its users a high degree of anonymity online. The world of webhosting is subject to numerous political and legal issues. If you want to make sure that your website won’t get nailed for political reasons, or want to keep your ownership hidden, there are webhosting options out there for you.

The world of geopolitics is getting more complex all the time. There are some areas of the world where certain ideas will get you in legal trouble. While the internet is basically open to anything, the authorities in a nation that is offended by what you post may come after you using local laws.

Needless to say, that is an outcome you want to avoid.

These issues are even more important for a website that publishes controversial content on a regular basis. If you are working with ideas that powerful people aren’t going to be happy about, it might be a good idea to protect your identity to the greatest degree possible.

Thankfully, Bitcoin offers a high degree of anonymity. There are webhosting companies who will help you maintain your privacy, and accept Bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Web Hosting

Bitcoin Web Hosting does what that name says. Unlike many of the other webhosting companies on this list, Bitcoin Web Hosting is a relatively new company. If you want to pay for anonymous webhosting with bitcoin, it is worth looking into.

Bitcoin Web Hosting also accepts other cryptos, if you would prefer to pay with something else.

Visit Bitcoin Web Hosting


Shinjiru has been operating since 1998 and is headquartered in Malaysia. The webhosting company operates data centers in Malaysia, Europe and Singapore. As a veteran webhosting company, Shinjiru offers clients a range of hosting options, as well as totally anonymous hosting packages.

If you want to pay for your webhosting with Bitcoin, Shinjiru will be happy to accept it as payment. The company has also built up a stellar reputation for offering 24/7 support, and has servers spread across six countries.

With Shinjiru you can choose from a range of webhosting plans, regardless of if you want to keep your identity a secret or not. The company also offers operating systems in both Linux and Windows, which is a nice feature.

Visit Shinjiru

Orange Website (Private, not Anonymous)

Orange Website is a webhosting company that is located in Iceland. While they don’t specifically offer anonymous offshore webhosting, the company does adhere to Iceland’s laws that govern privacy and freedom of speech.

As far as webhosting goes, Orange Website has a range of options from shared hosting plans all the way up to dedicated private hosting. Unlike some country-specific webhosting companies, Orange Hosting offers 24/7 support. Obviously they accept Bitcoin, and have a great reputation for delivering value to their customers.

Orange Website offers comprehensive webhosting packages with domain registration, so your site will be completely protected by Iceland’s laws. Be sure to ask about this before you choose a plan.

Visit Orange Website

Iceland’s Dedication to a Free and Open Web

A free and open internet has played a big role in Iceland’s political scene, and the nation has created laws to ensure that normal people have a voice online. This is a big benefit for anyone who wants to make sure their site stays up, regardless of what views are being distributed.

While there are some limits to what can be considered free speech in Iceland, pretty much anything besides totally radicalized, violent ideology will fall under the nation’s legal protection. Iceland also has cheap power, and extremely fast internet.

All this might sound like a push to use Icelandic hosting. For people or groups that need protection from political persecution, Iceland is one of the best nations available for webhosting. Switzerland is also a good option.

There are Many Webhosting Companies who Accept Bitcoin

The good news for crypto users is that there are no shortage of webhosting companies who would be happy to accept their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other tokens as payment.

Some business have stopped accepting cryptos after ‘crypto winter’ started in 2018, but webhosting is one area where cryptos are still very welcome.

It is important to consider your webhosting needs before you decide on a plan, and make sure you get both the service you need, and don’t buy too much. A small monthly price can add up over the course of years, which is just money wasted if you over-buy webhosting service.

All of the webhosting companies on this list have great reputations when it comes to customer service, and would be happy to talk about your webhosting needs. Don’t be afraid to reach out before you buy a plan, and make sure you get the most for your cryptos!

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