AllStars Digital partners Aurora Labs to expand sports-based crypto trading

AllStars Digital is looking to leverage Aurora Labs’ blockchain technology solutions to revolutionise crypto trading of assets based on real-life performances of sports stars, including in football, cricket, basketball and e-sports.

AllStars Digital (ASD), a digital sports exchange for the tokenisation of sports-based alternative assets, wants to accelerate adoption of sports-based crypto trading.

To achieve this, the platform has struck a partnership with blockchain technology solutions provider Aurora Labs, a deal poised to bring millions into crypto trading based on real-life sports stars across global sports ecosystems.

Redefining sports-based crypto trading

Aurora Labs’ technology will help AllStars Digital launch new player-based digital asset offerings and expand the exchange’s trading on sports performance.

The deal will also help the digital assets provider offer more people around the globe access to a wide range of real-time sports-based tradable products, the firm said in a press release shared with CoinJournal on Tuesday.

Marc Aspinall, the COO of AllStars Digital, commented:

We’re excited to partner with Aurora Labs and look forward to how this new partnership will help us reimagine what’s possible in the sports-based digital asset space. Traditional sports betting focuses on binary outcomes where participants win or lose depending on specific declarations – a major disconnect for sophisticated sports fans and digital communities that prefer taking a holistic position on assets with relatable value.”

AllStars hopes to tap into Aurora Labs’ blockchain-focused solutions to redefine crypto trading in the sports ecosystem, with a focus on revolutionising the space via real-life performances of sports stars.

We will provide the exchange for trading on sports performance; real-time tradable products that are based on definitive sports data. We’re starting with the world’s biggest football and cricket stars and have plans to add basketball and e-sports in the roadmap. After that, we’ll let the community decide,” Aspinall added in a statement.

Other benefits include multi-chain integration

Key developments set to come out of the partnership, and which could be critical to ASD’s future growth include launch of an AllStars Chain, integration of a dApps distribution system, support for multiple developer languages, and advanced security.

Other benefits will be superior processing power, an upgradable blockchain, and interoperability with multiple consensus mechanisms.

Meanwhile, Aurora Labs’ decentralised application (dApp) platform Aurora Chain will leverage the partnership to expand its services into crypto sports staking.

The partnership between the two platforms was facilitated by blockchain consultancy and advisory solutions provider GDA Capital. The company offers advanced solutions designed to help innovative startups bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional finance.

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